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After successful careers as car salespeople, we figured there had to be an easier way for people to find the best car at the right price. That's the idea behind YourCar - to make car buying a win-win for everyone

The YourCar story

You don't decide to change the way people buy cars overnight.

Before I founded YourCar, I spent six years working as a top salesperson at some of Auckland's biggest dealerships.

Being a good salesman isn't about knowing cars, it's about knowing people. And it was what I learned about people working that convinced me the industry needed to change.

Here's a typical scenario. A customer walks onto the forecourt and you strike up a conversation. Instantly, something's not right, because it's not a transparent relationship.

No matter how long you spend with a customer, their expectations are misaligned with their experience. In the end, they walked away from what should have been a great experience feeling pressured and out of control. "Did I really get the best deal? Was I treated fairly and honestly?" Not a great way to start the second most valuable purchase most people will ever make.

Dealers too have their problems. Believe it or not, most want to provide a great service, but it's not easy when customers walk in with their guard up. In my days on the lot, the absolute dream buyer was the one who walked in and knew exactly what they wanted.

All I had to do was ensure they received it as smoothly as possible. And that is the insight behind YourCar.

We've designed YourCar to restore trust and transparency in the car-buying process by serving up the most reassuring car-buying experience possible, all from the comfort of the couch.

With YourCar, there's no awkward haggling with blackbelt sales staff and no traipsing around the city. Just answer a couple of questions about the car you're looking for and we go out to the dealers to get their best offers. You then choose the most appealing deal based on car specifications, after-sales support, dealer ratings and of course, the price tag.

But wait. How does all this help dealers? By taking the pain out of the selling process.

By pre-qualifying customers, YourCar delivers dream buyer after dream buyer to dealers. And because only 25% of buyers decide on price alone, dealers can gain additional advantage by delivering the best possible buying experience.

Customer satisfaction scores are the most important metric for dealers maintaining relationships with manufacturers. On these tests, a 9 out of 10 is a fail. Dealers are obsessed with service. YourCar cuts out the parts of the transaction most likely to result in a poor score.

Driving away in a new car should be a fantastic experience from start to finish. With YourCar, we're making sure that happens every time.

“YourCar is the new and better way to find, compare and buy your perfect car with total transparency from process to price.”


CEO / Founder

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